After sale services 

In 2010, consulting services, training, development and support of leading software of Shomaran System Company was assigned to the Rahbaran Company. 
Development of after sale services and increasing of customer satisfaction is the main tasks of Rahbaran Company.
Rahbaran Company has online, telephone and presence support.


Skills of Rahbaran and Shomaran System Company are:

• Comprehensive and integrated Puya software by 38 integrated subsystems for large and medium sized manufacturing and industrial companies (include of : sale of software, setup and development, financial and management advice and support)
• Comprehensive and integrated Rahbar software for small sized manufacturing and industrial companies 
• Comprehensive and integrated Shomaran Accrual software in particular government organization
• Provide solution to optimize systems while the software in those fields deployment
• Support for all aspects of customer satisfaction

Adress: No.4, Shomaran Bldg, Savoji nia Alley, Pakistan St,Shahid Beheshti Ave,Tehran
Tel: 021-89334
Email :
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