Software facilities

Industrial and Financial integrated and comprehensive software facilities

• Wide area of coverage (financial, inventory, commerce, production, engineering, programming, administrative, management etc) 
• Use of database for all operation 
• Real time registration of information in all sectors 
• Management reports from different parts of software 
• Cost of finished goods analysis in every level of production 
• Cooperation (integration) between software and its subsystems by multi-registration of information in various 

parts of software 

• Issuance of all accounting documents or any operation which has financial consequence (implication) 
• Send reports to all environments such as Internet Explorer, Word, Excel etc 
• Pie or bar charts preparation from various aspects of reports 
• Use of SQL Server database 
• Design forms layout base on users preferences 
• Join and separate calculation for cost of finished goods 
• Provision of sequential reports in general format or in detail 
• Selection of background color for all reports 
• Operation of system between different geographical regions through high speed line 
• Online support via high speed line. 

Consequences of integrated and comprehensive Shomaran software Establishment 

• Up to date information and instant reports request from software (Real time) 
• Provision of comprehensive management or general purpose reports from operations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis 
• Immediate access to information or reports 
• Prevent reworking in order to improve efficiency 
• Productivity in human resource management 
• Allocation of production resource / capacity to profit-making goods (products) 
• Determine priority for payment in accordance with cash inflow 
• Provision of financial statements and related note (reports) 
• Use of Just In Time technique for purchase of materials 
• Efficient use of machineries and materials 
• Human resource and machineries performance evaluation. 

List of Software 

Financial and Management

• Accounting 
• Treasury 
• Fix Asset 
• Financial Statements 
• Cost of finished goods (Industrial Accounting) 
• Budget 
• Stocks (Shares)
• Report Generator
• Statistics and indicators

Manufacturing and Engineering

• Production control and production 
• Mould (farm/templates),tools and machinery management
• Quality control 
• Production planning 
• Maintenance 
• Development plan (Feasibility of constructing)
• Calibration 
• Survey plan
• management of documentation 
• System quality assurance 
• Laboratory
• Mould (farm/templates) management


• Domestic purchase 
• Purchase contracts
• Orders and purchases of foreign
• Inventory and inventory accounting
• Suppliers evaluation
• Sale 
• Sales contracts
• Transportation 
• Distribution 
• After (post) sale services 

Administrative and human resource 

• Payroll and salary 
• Human resource productivity 
• Personnel system
• Training 
• Office automation 
• Guard and enforcement

The features of the software 

A summary of the features and capabilities of the software

Goods and Inventories Accounting 

• Definition of goods and inventories without restriction 
• Definition of inventories for each products (goods) 
• Ability to identify every product 
• Ability to trace goods or products 
• Use letters (characters) and number for products coding 
• Definition for 6 types of identification code including product code, technical number, serial number, order number, tracing number and component code for each product 
• attach photos of products to their identification forms 
• definition of substitute (alternative) material for each product 
• send or receive of products for contracting activities (operations) 
• transfer of products between warehouse 
• Automatic registration of products delivery 
• Issuance of inventory counting papers at any point of time and their relevant documentation 
• Issuing products temporary entrance notes and their approvals through quality control centers 
• Statements of products order, quantity and time for provision of goods and materials 
• Statements of products consumption base on products types and cost centers 
• Statements of consignment products 
• Statements of purchasing orders or purchased products inconsistency 
• Extensive reports about products on hand from the beginning up to the end of financial year 


• Issuance of purchase returns and allowance reports base on domestic or foreign currency 
• Allocation of overhead costs such as transportation or loading costs to invoices 
• Invoices for purchased products or service received / performed 
• Summary of purchase invoices or periodic purchase reports 
• Purchase reports in accordance with products, products group or suppliers 
• Quarterly reports of purchase base on suppliers or purchase through petty cash 

Sale and Purchase Contracts

• Registration forms for sale/purchase contracts 
• Registration for products transfer deadline and estimation of penalties have been imposed due to late delivery 
• temporary products transfer and declaration of products delivery through customers or quality control centers 
• Automatic issuance of sale invoice after shipping approvals 
• Quantitative or financial comparison of delivered products 
• Report on contractual obligations regarding the quantity of products delivered or any further delivery 
• Report on payments to suppliers or producers ( manufacturers ) in accordance with their contracts or any predetermined payment schedule 


• Define customers specifications including group, legal status, customer type and sale price 
• Issuance of sale invoice, proforma, sale and return allowance, sale order etc 
• Introduce retailers or suppliers and their commissions 
• Define 10 levels of sale prices 
• Estimation of capital gain tax 
• Assign products serial number to sale invoices and receiving serial numbers of product sold 
• Issuance of sale invoices in domestic or foreign currency 
• Concise report on sale invoices and proforma 
• Sales reports for each customer 
• Profit and loss summary reports and contribution margin of each product to profit and loss 
• Profit and loss reports for each customer 
• Seasonally sale reports and report on sale by installments 
• comparative Statistic of sale reports for every 2 years and sale reports regarding to specific products 
• statistical sale information base on customer group, region, product group etc 
• statistical sale information regarding suppliers and dealer (vendor) 
• detailed report on every component of sale invoice 

After- Sales Services

• Clients definition 
• Direct review of customers’ information through their sale invoices 
• Definition for purchase specifications such as software installing date, warranty expiry date etc 
• Issuance of comprehensive service invoice with relevant specifications 
• Specify service types and details of service provider 
• Revision of previous service invoice through service forms 
• Report on unused items 
• Report on service providers or representatives operations 
• Report on spare items according to service providers’ usage (consumption) or other users 

Suppliers Evaluation

• Definition regarding contractors’ legal status 
• Definition of machinery, tools and production capacities 
• Definition regarding contractors’ certifications and related engineering systems in their organizations 
• Report on contractors’ related companies 
• Report on granted certifications 
• Report on inspections 
• Report on ranking of contractors 


• Schedule regarding sellers (vendors, dealers) commissions 
• merchants classification 
• Define marketing pathway (procedures) 
• Automatic calculation of vendor’s commissions 
• Customers performance evaluation 
• Report on customers’ general position and performance 
• Monthly base comparative report on sales during the financial year 
• Comparative report on customers’ orders and their subsequent shipments 
• Comparative report on dealers (vendors) 
• Report on promotions 

Overseas credits (funds) and orders

• Overseas vendors' definition through code, technical numbers and country of origin 
• Order registration for products and their performance recognition 
• Definition of overseas intermediaries or inspectors for different goods/ products 
• Products specifications regarding their payment methods, duties and shipping methods 
• Obtain required permissions for overseas orders 
• Definition of insurance related obligations for typical order 
• Provision of comprehensive forms regarding opening of credit line 
• Determination of possible time for transferring products/goods 
• Payment documents and payment methods 
• Documents in relation with duties and relevant costs 
• Products/goods arrival receipt to warehouse 
• Report on any payments related to credit line 
• Report on order list 
• Report on order growth 
• Concise report on performance evaluation 
• Comparative report in accordance with products arrival date/time and relevant payment 
• Report on credit related cost 
• Report regarding release related cost 
• Extensive report about purchase orders from different suppliers 

Cost of finished goods accounting

• Definition of cost centers 
• Define allocation (assignment) of cost centers 
• Cost allocation schedule from different months 
• Monthly cost of finished goods calculation 
• Definition of absorption rates for materials and wages in cost centers 
• Report on cost of finished goods in accordance with cost centers 
• Calculation for cost of work in process 
• Analytical report on cost of finished goods base on their cost centers 
• Analytical report on cost of finished goods in accordance with their production levels 
• Analytical report on cost of finished goods along with selling and administrative expenses (costs) 
• Report on actual overhead absorption costs 
• Report on cost of goods sold 
• Report on inconsistency between wages and overhead costs 
• Report on materials, labors (wages) and overhead variances 


• Definition for various types of measurement 
• Definition for major facilities 
• Definition for calibration 
• Urgent calibration application forms 
• Yearly or monthly report on calibration plan 

System Quality Assurance

• Product transfer index 
• Reworking and production stops index 
• OEE index 
• PPM index 

Quality Control

• Quality specification of products 
• Definition for experimental devices (equipments) 
• Quality control for purchased goods and work in process 
• Report on quality control of products or work in process 

Production planning

• Machineries specifications and their production potential 
• Weekly production schedule for each production centers 
• Delivery schedule along with production request forms 
• prioritization for product orders or requests 
• Identification and tracing cards of each product 
• 3 types of planning via software including delivery priority, SPT method and planner selection 
• Report on production plans 
• Report on unused capacity of machinery 
• Planning in accordance with material on hand 
• Material planning base on process 
• Report on required materials 
• Report on shortage or surplus of materials 
• Production schedule in accordance with delivery priority 
• Report on machinery slow down 
• Stations and products plan 

Production Control

• Define bill of material 
• Definition for production process 
• Automatic creation of production trees base on bill of materials 
• Reports on materials consumption according to cost centers 
• Raw materials planning report 
• Report on unplanned slow down or reworking 
• Monthly production reports 
• Comparative report on quantity produce 
• Daily comprehensive production report 


• Net group definition 
• Types of repair and maintenance definition 
• Definition for expert teams and their members 
• Application form for urgent repair 
• Report on repair and inspection performance 
• Machineries repair and maintenance reports 
• Machineries monthly or yearly planning reports 
• Report on inspections 
• Report on required segment (part) 
• Matrix report about machinery maintenance 
• MTTR index 
• MTBF index 

Tools, Moulds (frame, templates) and Machinery Management

• Definition for facilities, tools, moulds (templates) and supportive stuff (equipments) 
• Definition for production capacity, purchase orders and moulds’ unit of production 
• Report on defective tools, moulds and out of order devices 
• Correction, repair and capacity adjustment forms 
• Segments replacement forms 
• Monitoring spare capacity of production along with regarding moulds (templates), tools and machineries 
• Machineries, tools and moulds (templates) production report 
• Performance reports for different productions 

Survey Plane

• Process significant specifications 
• Products significant specifications 
• Survey documentations 
• Survey plan report 
• List of control and production facilities 

Human Resource Productivity

• Working (labor) hours, production quantity and production scrap reports 
• Variety of production report through production personnel 
• Average deviation or production quality deviation report 
• Productivity schedule in accordance with each products 
• Personnel productivity reports (quantity and monetary value) 
• Comparison of production scrap reports through production personnel 

Shares (Stock)

• Comprehensive definition of shares 
• Revision of stockholders (shareholders) list via main menu 
• Shares Trade (exchange) forms in accordance with Iran stock exchange requirements 
• Shareholders capital contribution 
• Information review through stock exchange 
• Calculation of earning per share (EPS) for shareholders 
• Fund raising estimation from retained earning, profit or other sources 
• Permission for annual general meeting (AGM) participants 
• List of AGM participants 
• Shareholders general information and their level of ownership 
• Report on dividend payment to shareholders 
• Report on volume of trading in stock exchange 
• Dividend payment document 
• Shares issuance 

Office Automation

• Sending/receiving letters registry 
• Different types of forms in accordance with clients’ preferences 
• Attaching letters in different formats such as word, text, excel etc 
• Tracing incoming or issued letters and their context revision 
• Electronic cartable 
• Send letters along with their information and context for personnel use 
• Make or cancel an appointment with different person 
• Minutes preparation 
• Reports on arrival of contracts or letters through registry 
• Archive the letters 
• Technical archive with auto cad 
• Type or typing orders in Word environment 
• Personnel specification along with the definition of organization chart

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