Software facilities

Industrial and Financial integrated and comprehensive software facilities

• Wide area of coverage (financial, inventory, commerce, production, engineering, programming, administrative, management etc) 
• Use of database for all operation 
• Real time registration of information in all sectors 
• Management reports from different parts of software 
• Cost of finished goods analysis in every level of production 
• Cooperation (integration) between software and its subsystems by multi-registration of information in various 

parts of software 

• Issuance of all accounting documents or any operation which has financial consequence (implication) 
• Send reports to all environments such as Internet Explorer, Word, Excel etc 
• Pie or bar charts preparation from various aspects of reports 
• Use of SQL Server database 
• Design forms layout base on users preferences 
• Join and separate calculation for cost of finished goods 
• Provision of sequential reports in general format or in detail 
• Selection of background color for all reports 
• Operation of system between different geographical regions through high speed line 
• Online support via high speed line. 

Consequences of integrated and comprehensive Shomaran software Establishment 

• Up to date information and instant reports request from software (Real time) 
• Provision of comprehensive management or general purpose reports from operations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis 
• Immediate access to information or reports 
• Prevent reworking in order to improve efficiency 
• Productivity in human resource management 
• Allocation of production resource / capacity to profit-making goods (products) 
• Determine priority for payment in accordance with cash inflow 
• Provision of financial statements and related note (reports) 
• Use of Just In Time technique for purchase of materials 
• Efficient use of machineries and materials 
• Human resource and machineries performance evaluation. 

List of Software 

Financial and Management

• Accounting 
• Treasury 
• Fix Asset 
• Financial Statements 
• Cost of finished goods (Industrial Accounting) 
• Budget 
• Stocks (Shares)
• Report Generator
• Statistics and indicators

Manufacturing and Engineering

• Production control and production 
• Mould (farm/templates),tools and machinery management
• Quality control 
• Production planning 
• Maintenance 
• Development plan (Feasibility of constructing)
• Calibration 
• Survey plan
• management of documentation 
• System quality assurance 
• Laboratory
• Mould (farm/templates) management


• Domestic purchase 
• Purchase contracts
• Orders and purchases of foreign
• Inventory and inventory accounting
• Suppliers evaluation
• Sale 
• Sales contracts
• Transportation 
• Distribution 
• After (post) sale services 

Administrative and human resource 

• Payroll and salary 
• Human resource productivity 
• Personnel system
• Training 
• Office automation 
• Guard and enforcement

The features of the software 

A summary of the features and capabilities of the software

Goods and Inventories Accounting 

• Definition of goods and inventories without restriction 
• Definition of inventories for each products (goods) 
• Ability to identify every product 
• Ability to trace goods or products 
• Use letters (characters) and number for products coding 
• Definition for 6 types of identification code including product code, technical number, serial number, order number, tracing number and component code for each product 
• attach photos of products to their identification forms 
• definition of substitute (alternative) material for each product 
• send or receive of products for contracting activities (operations) 
• transfer of products between warehouse 
• Automatic registration of products delivery 
• Issuance of inventory counting papers at any point of time and their relevant documentation 
• Issuing products temporary entrance notes and their approvals through quality control centers 
• Statements of products order, quantity and time for provision of goods and materials 
• Statements of products consumption base on products types and cost centers 
• Statements of consignment products 
• Statements of purchasing orders or purchased products inconsistency 
• Extensive reports about products on hand from the beginning up to the end of financial year 


• Issuance of purchase returns and allowance reports base on domestic or foreign currency 
• Allocation of overhead costs such as transportation or loading costs to invoices 
• Invoices for purchased products or service received / performed 
• Summary of purchase invoices or periodic purchase reports 
• Purchase reports in accordance with products, products group or suppliers 
• Quarterly reports of purchase base on suppliers or purchase through petty cash 

Sale and Purchase Contracts

• Registration forms for sale/purchase contracts 
• Registration for products transfer deadline and estimation of penalties have been imposed due to late delivery 
• temporary products transfer and declaration of products delivery through customers or quality control centers 
• Automatic issuance of sale invoice after shipping approvals 
• Quantitative or financial comparison of delivered products 
• Report on contractual obligations regarding the quantity of products delivered or any further delivery 
• Report on payments to suppliers or producers ( manufacturers ) in accordance with their contracts or any predetermined payment schedule 


• Define customers specifications including group, legal status, customer type and sale price 
• Issuance of sale invoice, proforma, sale and return allowance, sale order etc 
• Introduce retailers or suppliers and their commissions 
• Define 10 levels of sale prices 
• Estimation of capital gain tax 
• Assign products serial number to sale invoices and receiving serial numbers of product sold 
• Issuance of sale invoices in domestic or foreign currency 
• Concise report on sale invoices and proforma 
• Sales reports for each customer 
• Profit and loss summary reports and contribution margin of each product to profit and loss 
• Profit and loss reports for each customer 
• Seasonally sale reports and report on sale by installments 
• comparative Statistic of sale reports for every 2 years and sale reports regarding to specific products 
• statistical sale information base on customer group, region, product group etc 
• statistical sale information regarding suppliers and dealer (vendor) 
• detailed report on every component of sale invoice 

After- Sales Services

• Clients definition 
• Direct review of customers’ information through their sale invoices 
• Definition for purchase specifications such as software installing date, warranty expiry date etc 
• Issuance of comprehensive service invoice with relevant specifications 
• Specify service types and details of service provider 
• Revision of previous service invoice through service forms 
• Report on unused items 
• Report on service providers or representatives operations 
• Report on spare items according to service providers’ usage (consumption) or other users 

Suppliers Evaluation

• Definition regarding contractors’ legal status 
• Definition of machinery, tools and production capacities 
• Definition regarding contractors’ certifications and related engineering systems in their organizations 
• Report on contractors’ related companies 
• Report on granted certifications 
• Report on inspections 
• Report on ranking of contractors 


• Schedule regarding sellers (vendors, dealers) commissions 
• merchants classification 
• Define marketing pathway (procedures) 
• Automatic calculation of vendor’s commissions 
• Customers performance evaluation 
• Report on customers’ general position and performance 
• Monthly base comparative report on sales during the financial year 
• Comparative report on customers’ orders and their subsequent shipments 
• Comparative report on dealers (vendors) 
• Report on promotions 

Overseas credits (funds) and orders

• Overseas vendors' definition through code, technical numbers and country of origin 
• Order registration for products and their performance recognition 
• Definition of overseas intermediaries or inspectors for different goods/ products 
• Products specifications regarding their payment methods, duties and shipping methods 
• Obtain required permissions for overseas orders 
• Definition of insurance related obligations for typical order 
• Provision of comprehensive forms regarding opening of credit line 
• Determination of possible time for transferring products/goods 
• Payment documents and payment methods 
• Documents in relation with duties and relevant costs 
• Products/goods arrival receipt to warehouse 
• Report on any payments related to credit line 
• Report on order list 
• Report on order growth 
• Concise report on performance evaluation 
• Comparative report in accordance with products arrival date/time and relevant payment 
• Report on credit related cost 
• Report regarding release related cost 
• Extensive report about purchase orders from different suppliers 

Cost of finished goods accounting

• Definition of cost centers 
• Define allocation (assignment) of cost centers 
• Cost allocation schedule from different months 
• Monthly cost of finished goods calculation 
• Definition of absorption rates for materials and wages in cost centers 
• Report on cost of finished goods in accordance with cost centers 
• Calculation for cost of work in process 
• Analytical report on cost of finished goods base on their cost centers 
• Analytical report on cost of finished goods in accordance with their production levels 
• Analytical report on cost of finished goods along with selling and administrative expenses (costs) 
• Report on actual overhead absorption costs 
• Report on cost of goods sold 
• Report on inconsistency between wages and overhead costs 
• Report on materials, labors (wages) and overhead variances 


• Definition for various types of measurement 
• Definition for major facilities 
• Definition for calibration 
• Urgent calibration application forms 
• Yearly or monthly report on calibration plan 

System Quality Assurance

• Product transfer index 
• Reworking and production stops index 
• OEE index 
• PPM index 

Quality Control

• Quality specification of products 
• Definition for experimental devices (equipments) 
• Quality control for purchased goods and work in process 
• Report on quality control of products or work in process 

Production planning

• Machineries specifications and their production potential 
• Weekly production schedule for each production centers 
• Delivery schedule along with production request forms 
• prioritization for product orders or requests 
• Identification and tracing cards of each product 
• 3 types of planning via software including delivery priority, SPT method and planner selection 
• Report on production plans 
• Report on unused capacity of machinery 
• Planning in accordance with material on hand 
• Material planning base on process 
• Report on required materials 
• Report on shortage or surplus of materials 
• Production schedule in accordance with delivery priority 
• Report on machinery slow down 
• Stations and products plan 

Production Control

• Define bill of material 
• Definition for production process 
• Automatic creation of production trees base on bill of materials 
• Reports on materials consumption according to cost centers 
• Raw materials planning report 
• Report on unplanned slow down or reworking 
• Monthly production reports 
• Comparative report on quantity produce 
• Daily comprehensive production report 


• Net group definition 
• Types of repair and maintenance definition 
• Definition for expert teams and their members 
• Application form for urgent repair 
• Report on repair and inspection performance 
• Machineries repair and maintenance reports 
• Machineries monthly or yearly planning reports 
• Report on inspections 
• Report on required segment (part) 
• Matrix report about machinery maintenance 
• MTTR index 
• MTBF index 

Tools, Moulds (frame, templates) and Machinery Management

• Definition for facilities, tools, moulds (templates) and supportive stuff (equipments) 
• Definition for production capacity, purchase orders and moulds’ unit of production 
• Report on defective tools, moulds and out of order devices 
• Correction, repair and capacity adjustment forms 
• Segments replacement forms 
• Monitoring spare capacity of production along with regarding moulds (templates), tools and machineries 
• Machineries, tools and moulds (templates) production report 
• Performance reports for different productions 

Survey Plane

• Process significant specifications 
• Products significant specifications 
• Survey documentations 
• Survey plan report 
• List of control and production facilities 

Human Resource Productivity

• Working (labor) hours, production quantity and production scrap reports 
• Variety of production report through production personnel 
• Average deviation or production quality deviation report 
• Productivity schedule in accordance with each products 
• Personnel productivity reports (quantity and monetary value) 
• Comparison of production scrap reports through production personnel 

Shares (Stock)

• Comprehensive definition of shares 
• Revision of stockholders (shareholders) list via main menu 
• Shares Trade (exchange) forms in accordance with Iran stock exchange requirements 
• Shareholders capital contribution 
• Information review through stock exchange 
• Calculation of earning per share (EPS) for shareholders 
• Fund raising estimation from retained earning, profit or other sources 
• Permission for annual general meeting (AGM) participants 
• List of AGM participants 
• Shareholders general information and their level of ownership 
• Report on dividend payment to shareholders 
• Report on volume of trading in stock exchange 
• Dividend payment document 
• Shares issuance 

Office Automation

• Sending/receiving letters registry 
• Different types of forms in accordance with clients’ preferences 
• Attaching letters in different formats such as word, text, excel etc 
• Tracing incoming or issued letters and their context revision 
• Electronic cartable 
• Send letters along with their information and context for personnel use 
• Make or cancel an appointment with different person 
• Minutes preparation 
• Reports on arrival of contracts or letters through registry 
• Archive the letters 
• Technical archive with auto cad 
• Type or typing orders in Word environment 
• Personnel specification along with the definition of organization chart

After sale services 

In 2010, consulting services, training, development and support of leading software of Shomaran System Company was assigned to the Rahbaran Company. 
Development of after sale services and increasing of customer satisfaction is the main tasks of Rahbaran Company.
Rahbaran Company has online, telephone and presence support.


Skills of Rahbaran and Shomaran System Company are:

• Comprehensive and integrated Puya software by 38 integrated subsystems for large and medium sized manufacturing and industrial companies (include of : sale of software, setup and development, financial and management advice and support)
• Comprehensive and integrated Rahbar software for small sized manufacturing and industrial companies 
• Comprehensive and integrated Shomaran Accrual software in particular government organization
• Provide solution to optimize systems while the software in those fields deployment
• Support for all aspects of customer satisfaction

Brief introduction to Shomaran

Shomaran System Company was founded in 1984 as a Shomaran Accounting and Auditing firm. The firm gathered group of experienced accountants and financial system designers to release its first software in 1990 which was supported by DOS operation system.

Over four years of operation, in 1994, Iranian High Council of Informatics granted the permission for changing company’s name to Shomaran System. Thereafter, in 1996, the company introduced its first integrated and comprehensive industrial and financial software which has been known as Rahbar.
In 2002, the company introduced integrated and comprehensive software under Windows operation system when the company has been known as a pioneer in accounting and financial software producing industry.
One of the main reasons why Shomaran has expanded in financial software market is the diversity of products. The products are able to accommodate the needs of many industries such as food, chemical, home appliances and car industry. As a good example, ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) software was designed by Shomaran experts in order to answer complicated questions in the ground of Enterprise Resource Management.

Development steps

1984 Establish Shomaran Accounting and Auditing firm
1990 The first production of software under DOS operation system
1994 Permission of the High Council of Informatics
1996 The first production of comprehensive industrial & financial software
2002 Integrated Rahbar software under windows operation system
2007 Investment, research and development in ERP Project
2008 Comprehensive and integrated Puya software by 38 integrated subsystems
2009 Comprehensive and integrated accrual software in particular government organization

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Tel: 021-89334
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